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  Childrens entertiner and face painting products, Darwin, Northern Territory


Shows and Performances

30 – 40 minute concert format.
Themed shows dependent on venue suitability.


“The Magical Fairy Show” 
How do modern day fairies that have lost their wings travel around? This is a highly entertaining and energetic vaudevillian style show from the remote Northern Territory, timeless entertainment for children and parents. Chantal the Fairy is a wingless fairy whose wings like her magic are broken. With stories to be told of the mystical realm, music, songs to sing, magic, balloons, plate spinning, death defying tricks and the help of the audience, and Mr HR Pump & Stuff who comes to visit, Chantal the Fairy delights all!



“Dotty the Doggie Show”
Dotty the Dynamic Dalmatian is The Fairies dog who ran away after a thunder storm. She was caught by a dog catcher, and then picked up at the RSPCA by a mad communications technology Professor. The professor implanted a microchip making Dotty able to speak English. Dotty and Spike the Echidna, the world first extraordinary extreme unicycle monotreme team up together with fun, games and important lessons about the environment and animals.


“The Bring Santa Back Show”
Chantal the Fairy is cross at Santa for bringing her a one wheel bike and telling her she was only half good last year. Not happy to wait until next year for the other wheel she tries to magic Santa back with disastrous consequences.


Children’s Entertainment Packages

Birthday Parties, weddings, fetes, schools and fantasy face and body painting services.

3-4 hr Packages       
Depending on venue suitability services offered with concert are as follows.
1)    2x Face Painters
2)    1x Balloon Modeller
3)    1-2  ½hr Magic Concert

Additional Workshops and Activities
Will be provided if helpers from the community want to assist and support Chantal’s troupe.
Chantal can then train and inspire enthusiastic helpers (early to late teens or parents) wanting to learn skills of face painting, balloon modelling and circus activities like juggling, tricky sticks, monkey bike and Poi’s. Materials are supplied and skills and ideas are left in the community for future events involving children.
Maximum of 6 – 10 helpers for workshops

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