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The Social Value of Face Painting

Face painting is a wonderful way of enchanting a child.  It stimulates their imagination and helps them to step into the realms of make-believe.  For older children there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment as they pick up a paintbrush and learn to create their own designs.

By using three approaches of content, process and skill, students will be able to develop competence in both practical and theoretical aspects of art making.  This focus on the development of competence aims to foster positive self-image and a sense of self worth.  Students are also helped to develop cognitive skills and creativity by linking and applying knowledge to different areas, being artistic, aesthetic, technical and motor coordination skills.  The teacher’s role is that of motivator and facilitator, providing guidance and keeping students focussed on the completion of their task, and on health and safety issues. 

The sensory and emotional experiences intrinsic to face painting are particularly valuable for challenging students who demonstrate disturbing often-violent impulse control behaviours.  Children with learning difficulties can be encouraged to cross the midline by organising the paints to be reached for across the body.

Face painting motivates community participation and is also beneficial for the social and fine motor development of children with learning disabilities.  Face painting can be used as a reward based activity for school-based learning such as literacy and numeracy.  These activities encourage social inclusion because students are developing socially desirable skills and leadership.

These skills are also valuable in the community and can potentially lead to self-employment.  Students can participate and contribute by assisting at fundraising, fetes and sporting events as face painters. At the same time they learn about the joy in ‘doing something for others’.  Trained face painters can set up at markets and entertain at children’s parties as a business.

Chantal the Fairy’s Face Painting Book and Instructional CD ROM was developed from teaching face painting in Northern Territory schools and in remote area schools during ‘The Sowing the Seeds project 2000.’ This multimedia presentation provides teachers with a unique art project.  Painting on paper is fantastic but to reach out and paint another human being creates a social art form unlike any other. This educational aid assists confidence building and creates the basis for a great relationship between the face painter, teacher and other children.

“In my 20 years experience working with children, even children with various learning and behavioural difficulties, I have been amazed at the effect of this 'social art form' experience on children.  I call this reward based behavioural management, when the task is achievable and success is guaranteed a gateway is opened. It is the magic that motivates a child into making positive choices to behave one way or the other, depending on the desired outcomes for themselves.”
Chantal the Fairy

Face painting products

Face painting products

Face painting products

Face painting products

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